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Supportive Living vs Assisted Living: What’s the Difference

Whoever thought growing older would require you to keep a dictionary on hand? The number of new words you need to learn as you search for a suitable senior living community is enough to remind you of that feeling you got deep in the pit of your stomach before a vocabulary test in elementary school. You know, that one you forgot to study for.

It’s OK. You’re not alone, and we can take things nice and slow. In fact, this post is only going to focus on two terms: “Supportive Living” and “Assisted Living” and how they differ. At the end, there will be no pop quiz, but we think you’ll feel better about your options and be able to make a more informed decision based on your life circumstances and preferences.

Defining Assisted Living

Assisted Living residences are a specialized type of senior living communities in Austell that offer older adults personalized assistance and support for the typical activities of daily living, which includes assistance with using the bathroom, dressing and grooming. Most also include services and amenities like dining options, housekeeping services and transportation, and provide healthy lifestyles and opportunities for social engagement. Part of the process of moving into an Assisted Living community includes an assessment. This allows the community to provide individualized care.

What Is Supportive Living?

Supportive Living in Austell, GA is actually a form of Assisted Living. These communities are designed as alternatives to nursing homes by providing the right amount of supportive assistance to older adults who don’t need a nursing home environment. Supportive Living communities provide basic medical care, which might include assistance with medications, and wound care.

Supportive Living vs. Assisted Living 

Both types of communities are designed to help older adults remain as active and self-sufficient as possible by providing individualized support and care based on their individual needs.

The two biggest differences between Supportive Living and Assisted Living in Austell, GA are size and setting. Supportive Living communities are designed to offer a smaller, more homelike setting with fewer residents. This has the benefit of creating a more personal relationship with staff and allows staff members to be more attentive and dedicated to those residents. In fact, Georgia law states that Supportive Living communities can have no more than 24 residents at a time. Anything more is classified as an Assisted Living community.

Additional Characteristics of Supportive Living

  • Their services are state-regulated.
  • Care plans are individualized for each resident.
  • Plans can be adjusted as needed.

In Georgia, Presbyterian Village Austell Offers Compassionate Supportive Living

You’ve reached the bottom of this post, so you can feel good about having learned a new term or two. You’ve also armed yourself with some critical knowledge in your quest for the right living arrangement for yourself or a loved one.You can also feel good about this: Presbyterian Village Austell provides just the right amount of assistance to enhance your independence, while allowing you to relish the many benefits of our community life.
All our Supportive Living apartments are private and include a kitchenette, living area, bedroom and a full bath. And many have a balcony. If you still have questions about Supportive Living in Austell, GA. near Atlanta or are interested in what sets us apart from other communities in the area, contact us today. We’d love to chat. Or better yet, we’d love to show you around.