Presbyterian Village Athens Team Promotions

It is our pleasure to announce a couple of updates within our team that promise to make both your move to, and our continued growth at Presbyterian Village Athens an exceptional experience.

We are pleased to announce that Buffie Henderson will bring her knowledge and enthusiasm to her new role as the Design Coordinator of Presbyterian Village Athens. Buffie will assist our Founders Club members in their upcoming selections appointments, which are slated to begin in June. With her strong real estate background, she will be an invaluable resource to all during the important selections process.

It is also our pleasure to announce Zack Hamsley’s promotion to Sales Counselor. Using his distinct talent to create a positive impact on those around him, Zack will work side-by-side with our other Sales Counselors, Jen and Ronnie, to help Founders Club Members and other prospective residents as they explore Presbyterian Village Athens.

If you have questions about these transitions, or anything else at Presbyterian Village Athens, don’t hesitate to call the Information Center at 706-621-6601.