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Advantages of Choosing a Nonprofit Senior Living Community

When exploring options for senior living, you will discover a multitude of ways to compare different communities, health services, and amenities. But there is one question that can reveal more than any other: Is the community run by a for-profit corporation or a nonprofit organization? For many older adults, this can be a deciding factor when choosing a senior living community to call home.

What Is a Nonprofit Senior Living Community?

Nonprofit senior living communities are often mission-driven and faith-based at their core, and they are committed to reinvesting profits into the community instead of turning profits for investors. By comparison, for-profit senior living communities are run by private companies, including regional or national chains, with the end goal of making profits for the company and its owners, shareholders, or investors. 

Why Choose a Nonprofit Senior Living Community?

Whether a community has a nonprofit or for-profit structure influences how the facilities are run, the ways they are funded, and who has a seat at the table when decisions are made. Let’s take a closer look at some of the advantages of choosing a nonprofit senior living community for your home:

  • Residents’ needs come first: In a nonprofit community, the fees each resident pays go directly into funding daily operations and supporting the organization’s core mission, providing a framework in which the health and well-being of residents always comes before profits. 
  • Personalized care: Nonprofit senior living communities are often smaller than for-profit communities and may have better staff-to-resident ratios, making it easier to connect with staff and get the support you need. 
  • Local control: As a nonprofit organization, the community is managed by a board of directors composed of local leaders who volunteer their time for the benefit of residents. The leadership team is motivated by a mission, vision and values. 
  • Faith-based: Many nonprofit senior living communities are run by religious or faith-based groups, but anyone can live in these communities regardless of their affiliation with a religious group. Some communities offer worship and spiritual care services, with a chapel and chaplain available to all residents.
  • Charitable giving: Nonprofit communities are granted tax-exempt status by the IRS, meaning they can accept tax-deductible donations from individual and corporate donors. This unique structure adds financial strength to the community, providing funds to support health and fitness, music and art, resident activities, and other projects that improve the quality of life for residents. 
  • Financial assistance: Most nonprofit communities offer a benevolence fund to ensure residents can continue to live at the community, even if they outlive their resources through no fault of their own.

Mission-Driven Senior Living

A nonprofit senior living community is guided by its resident-focused mission, vision, and values, and you can trust that funds are reinvested into the community for the benefit of those who live there now and will in the future. At Presbyterian Village Austell, our community culture is based on service excellence that puts the needs of our residents first. Our spirit of caring and compassion comes through in our board of trustees, our devoted team members and administration, our volunteers who share their time and talents, and our donors who financially support our mission.

As a nonprofit Life Plan Community in North Georgia, we provide vibrant independent living options and higher levels of care, including supportive living, memory care, skilled nursing, and rehabilitation therapy. We believe every human being is valuable, and we treat them with the compassion and respect they deserve. Residents enjoy an array of life-enhancing amenities, such as wellness programs, spiritual services, an exceptional dining program, and much more. 

See the Difference for Yourself

Presbyterian Village Austell is a nonprofit senior living community with an excellent reputation for care and provides a homelike senior living campus in Cobb County. To find out more about how being a nonprofit senior living community affects our culture and mission, contact our senior living representatives today for information or to schedule a tour!